Baba Fatise services
With 40 years of experience, Baba Fatise offers his services to men and women to facilitate powerful transformations in their lives. Currently, he offers consultation for men and distant energy work for women only. Apply for a transformative session now and take the first step toward a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Energy work for women
The energetic transmission works by opening sexual (life force) energy that enables a woman to become more familiar with herself in her own body and the way her sexual life force moves through her in all its subtle nuances and dynamics.
These sessions are for any woman who desires to live their life more consciously, efficiently, and confidently. They are particularly suited to women who are finding themselves in crisis, as far as, how to make sense of life in these turbulent times.

Baba Fatise offers assistance to help clarify misinformation we have received on relating, health, and parenting.

The energetic transmission gives the woman a direct experience of her unique energetic blueprint which enhances her ability to experience and know herself through her subtilities, rather than everything being applied to physicality.

Duration 3+hours.
Price 400$
Man Consultation
The consultations for men involve enhancing life skills in the areas of relationships, personal growth and development for themselves, and any other areas of concern that the man may have.
Within each consultation for a man, Baba Fatise will devise a unique personalized prescription of ongoing homework that the client can continue with long after his initial session. Using his many years of experience, Baba Fatise is able to raise the fundamental basic life skills to a higher more developed level. The exercises and practices prescribed will continue to assist him to develop his personal power and masculine presence in his life and relationships. Therefore the value of this session will extend far beyond the consultation time frame.

There is so much misinformation regarding manhood, relating, parenting, etc. Each session is tailored to the specifics of each individual man, utilizing a number of different sophisticated modalities to provide information for his specific situation.

Duration 3+hours.
Price 333$
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