Nitvana sacred numbers
FIRST TIME EVER Online workshop
with Shantam Nityama for WOMEN ONLY
about the key foundation of relationships

25 March -3 April 2023

First time ever Shantam Nityama will explain his unique numerology system, which he has been using for more than 30 years by now in his professional and personal interactions.

The system is based on an ancient approach to numbers and has been translated through the medium of modern psychology. It gives a profound understanding of the personality based on the date of birth.

This set of workshops will be packed with lots of practical information, so you will be able to use it straight away in your work or personal relationships
By understanding the energy of numbers and how they interact with each other, we can gain insight into how to best nurture and develop our relationships
The tradition of using sacred numbers is an ancient practice that uses the energy of numbers to help us understand our relationships with others and the world around us. By understanding the unique numbers associated with our life path, we can gain insight into how to create and maintain healthy, meaningful relationships.

When it comes to relationships, numbers can provide insight into the inner workings of the dynamic between two people, and the potential for growth or stagnation. Knowledge of sacred numbers can also help us to understand our own needs and desires in a relationship, and how we can better meet those needs.
Who will benefit from the workshop?
The workshop is open to all levels of experience and will be beneficial for practitioners of all healing modalities as well as for personal use.
Have you asked yourself at least once "Why this relationship doesn't work?!" So here is the answer - we are all different but trying to relate like we are all the same. By understanding the influence of numbers on relationships, you can use it to help you find a compatible partner. Knowing the life path numbers of yourself and your potential partners can give you a better understanding of how compatible you might be.
In a relationship, we always have moments of misunderstandings, even conflicts, and this potentially could ruin the love between 2 people. By understanding your own number and the number of your potential partner, you can get an idea of what kind of relationship you could have with each other. It could give you insights on potential areas of conflicts, so you will be able to navigate through it harmonously.
Nitvana sacred numbers can provide insight into a person's life and relationships. It can offer helpful insight into the compatibility of two people in a relationship. It can also provide guidance on how to handle conflict and communication issues. It is a great addition to any coaching or counselling practice
Healers, energy practitioners
It is believed that the numbers we are born with, our life path number, can provide us with insight into our soul's purpose and the gifts we suppose to bring into this world. It also determines the way how we relate to our body and how we respond to any type of healing, energy work, or bodywork.
Course curriculum
The program was carefully curated to support each of you in your transformational journey and give you an effective tool to use in your practice.
Baba Fatise had been studying the mystical connection between the date of birth and personality types for decades. Analyzing every client he had been working with, he come to the conclusion that we are all totally predictable beings and in order to live life successfully we have to know the universal laws, that governs us all. Numbers are one of the main laws for our Planet.
During the workshop, each participant will learn how to understand his/her sacred number and how to interpret the result. Each video call will be supported by a workbook. You will be able to use the system right after the workshop and implement it into your life or practice. The sacred numbers are a great tool for healers, coaches, teachers, managers and everyone who wants to have a deep understanding of themselves and life.
Extend explanation about personality types, their psychological characteristics, as well as a relationship strategy. All information is based on 30 years of expirience and confirmed by thosands of clients worklwide.
This part is completely unique and has never been shared before. Baba Fatiose (aka Shantam Nityama) will explain how to work with people based on the sacred number, and which area of the body to address during the bodywork or energy work to start the process of healing transformation.
The way how we relate to each other is completely based on universal laws and we could either live life harmoniously by respecting these laws, or struggle with life and the people around us if we decide to go against them. We will look at compatibility charts, sacred numbers interconnection, main areas of the conflits between different numbers etc.
How do different personality types relate to spirituality? The strategy of each type to establish a deeper connection to life and the mystic power of the Universe.
The Program
Online via Zoom, women only
25 March
25 March
Webinar 1.
Personality types and their strategies, part 1

Baba Fatise will share a deep knowledge of how these numbers are governing our life. he will explain the strength and challenges of each number, the life purpose and spiritual meaning of it, the relationships strategy, and the professional career
26 March
26 March
Webinar 2.
Personality types and their strategies, part 2
As an addition to the part 1, Baba Fatise will spend more time of explaining the relatioship strategy for each number, either with the sexual partner, parent/child relatioships or business interaction.
27 March -
1 April
27 March -
1 April
Webinar 3.
Work in the small group
In the small group session, everyone will have a chance to ask personal questions and explore in depth your own type based on sacred numbers. This is a practical session, with lots of demostration of Baba's work with numbers. This is a unique opportunity to understand the system and yourself and find answers about your most important relatiosnhips in life
2 April
2 April
Questions and answers.
Bring all your questions, from family or business areas, to discuss and get a profound consultation with Baba. It will be a great possibility to learn from real examples how the power of numbers are reflected in our lifes.
Meet the Master
BABA FATISE (aka Shantam Nityama)
BABA FATISE (aka SHANTAM NITYAMA) has a lifetime of dedication to understanding the spiritual anatomy of a human being. Over the last 40 years, his guidance has facilitated powerful transformations in the lives of the thousands of men and women he has worked with.

Starting as a disciple of Osho, Nityama had explored numerous healing modalities, before he pioneered his own revolutionary form of bodywork called NITVANA bodyworkTM. That hands-on energy-based style of bodywork is designed to take men and women on a journey from sex to superconsciousness while healing at the deepest levels. It uses universal life force energy (sexual energy) and conscious language to remove obstructions to one's natural flow of energy through the channels of the body. The removal of these obstructions is essential for men and women to return to their true masculinity and femininity as a body-felt experience.

During his bodywork practice, Baba Fatise was experimenting with different spiritual tools and was focused on analyzing the psychology and the body response of thousands of his clients based on their types. After many years of practicing and studying, he comes out with his approach to understanding numbers. Now, this system is called NITVANA Sacred Numbers. Everyone who was at any of his workshops heard about his system, but no one had a chance to learn about it in detail. So this is the opportunity to get the most out of his wisdom and get the information firsthand.
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3 LIVE webinars and 1 Q&A session
Audio recording of each webinar
Workbook with studying materials
Online LIVE chat with participants and the master during the course
3 months of access to all recordings
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3 LIVE webinars and 1 Q&A session
Audio recording of each webinar
Workbook with studying materials
Online LIVE chat with participants and the master during the course
3 months of access to all recordings
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