The first men mentorship with Shantam Nityama
July 19th - September 19th, 2022
What is the men mentorship?
Shantam Nityama has been known for more than 40 years all around the world as a master of energy work in the area of female sexuality. He is a creator of the system called NITVANA bodywork, which allowed him to deeply heal all blockages around sex through activating the wisdom of the body and by using our own energy only. By working with thousands of women Nityama had a chance to study female mentality, psychology, and physiology in depth.

And now comes the time to share it with the men. Many men are struggling right now not only with fulfilling their purpose in life but even with maintaining healthy relationships and expressing sexuality. By witnessing what is going on in the modern world Nityama has come to understand the importance of sharing his knowledge with men.

In these 3 months, Nityama will work closely with the most important topics such as spiritual aspects of sex, mental blockages, mind programming, and healthy interaction between men and women. He will go into an investigation of polarities and how they affect the world right now, the lost meaning of sex, and how to do self-healing. It is this kind of program that in ancient times every man would have received as a consecration to manhood. This is a unique opportunity to get a deeper understanding of what was hidden for centuries from us.
About the Master
A spiritual seeker and the most intrigued tantra healer of modern times, Shantam Nityama has been known as a creator of the energy healing system Nitvana Bodywork (TM). He had been running workshops in the USA, Europe, and Australia for a few decades, sharing his knowledge with men and women.

During all of these years, he was receiving an enormous amount of requests from men to share his understanding of energy and sex, so many will benefit. In 2022 he finally announces the program specifically crafted for men only with intense group work and individual mentorship.
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The Program
July 19th - September 19th 2022
Group sessions
Private sessions
Working groups
Group calls will be on 21st July, 25th August and 22nd September at 9 am (EST) and recordings will be available next day after the call
Mentorship Prices
All prices are valid till 19th July 2022, no payment will be accepted after this date
A full membership price, including

3 group online sessions,

1 private session online,

3 small group online sessions

Extended studying materials
A full membership price, including

3 group online sessions,

1 private online session,

3 small group online sessions

Extended studying materials


Personal 1-week training with Nityama
offline in Bali with the LIVE demonstration of Nitvana Bodywork healing system and introduction to the energy healing system
Reserve your place for the mentorship
The applications will be accepted till the 19th of July and the number of spaces is LIMITED. So please secure your spot before the spaces will be run out.