23 September- 2 december
men mentorship with shantam nityama
Break free from the ordinary.
Rewrite your story.
Unleash your hidden power.
About the mentorship
Are you living by your values or misled by society?

Have you fulfilled your purpose, or forgotten it?

What power lies within you? How far does your capability stretch?

How much do you know about energy and how to use it for your healing journey?

These questions begin your journey to uncover your potential as a man. Today, many struggle to find purpose, nurture relationships, and express sexuality.

Observing the world, Nityama sees the importance of sharing his wisdom with men. He has been working with women for more than 40 years and now it is the time to share all of this knowledge with men.

Take your spot now!

for discovering the deepest truth about energy and sex
4 group calls to understand the overall picture of what's going on in the world and learn from others
books from Nityama's personal library to support your journey
Private 1:1 sessions with Nityama to transform your life
energy and beyond
The high demand from men to repeat this program brings the new launch of Men Mentorship 2023. The main topics of this year's program will be understanding your life's purpose and learning how to work with energy.

So in this mentorship, you will have a chance to go deep into energy work with the master
Join the mentorship to connect to your power as a man
About the Master
A spiritual seeker and the most intriguing tantric healer of modern times, Shantam Nityama is known as the creator of the energy healing system NITVANA Bodywork (TM). He had been running workshops in the USA, Europe, and Australia for a few decades, sharing his knowledge with men and women.

During all of these years, he was receiving an enormous amount of requests from men to share his understanding of energy and sex, so many will benefit. In 2022 he finally announced the program specifically crafted for men only with intense group work and individual mentorship.

This year's program will focus more on individual work with each participant, so every man will have a chance to go through personal transformation under the guidance of the master.
23 September - 2 december 2023
23 September
23 September
opening call (4+ hours)
Nityama will share his understandings about the topic of the call and answer questions from the group
21 October
21 October
Group call #2 (3+ hours)
11 November
11 November
Group call #3 (3+ hours)
2 December
2 December
closing call (4+ hours)
In between
In between
personal sessions (2+ hours)
each participant will have a personal calendar to book a session with Nityama at the most convenient time. All sessions have to be booked before 1st october 2023
energy work
Each participant will be receiving distant energy work from Nityama during the whole time of the mentorship to excel all areas of life
A PDF with detailed information about your personal gifts, your financial potential, everything about your hidden talents, as well as your purpose.
we offer 2 great bonuses this year
energy work
Nityama will use different energy-healing modalities for distant work with each participant. It will help to increase overall well-being and improve connection to the energy world
This is numerology-based reading based on your birthday. It will give you lots of insights into your life purpose, your financial potential, your hidden talents, as well as your strategy for successful relationships
This time Nityama is going to focus on 1:1 work with each participant to make the transformation faster. Because of that, we have to put a limit on the number of participants.

So please secure your spot before the spaces will be run out
OneTime Payment
- full payment before 23rd September
- we accept Paypal/Wise/Revolut
- as long we have spots available
— pay in installments
— secure your spot just for 300$
— the last payment before 1st November
what will you receive?
take a look at what will be included in the price
The regular price for a private session is 333$, so you would need to pay 1332$ just to have 4 sessions.
Here we offer you not only the sessions but Nityama's time in between. He will be available for you to answer any questions in the group chat.
The price for a single group call with Nityama is 150$ and it is not available at the moment. So here you will have a rare chance to talk to the master and learn from other like-minded people.
energy work
Nityama has never offered energy work for men and here you will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand
100-books library
This is a personal collection of books, chosen by Nityama. It helped him on his journey and definitely will have some jewels for you
life-path reading
Last year Nityama came across a unique numerology system, which has right-on-point information about your gifts, finances, and relationship. It was for personal use only and now you will have access to it
You will have a chance to connect with other men from all over the world, learn a lot of new things from each other, find a business partner or a friend
What men say about mentorship
The mentorship inspired me to take a course and become a Pranic Healer. I have learned to be more aware of the dynamics of my relationships with women which I have begun to take more responsibility for. In the session with Baba, he gave me a difficult yet, brilliant suggestion that has helped me to see myself clearer and realize my role in interactions and how I want to be perceived. This seems very powerful to me!
Upon completing the program I took a real look at what I really want to offer with my life at this time. Being of service towards the healing of people particularly women has opened itself as a path I look to explore. I believe the mentorship program gave me a closer insight to my own blockages when it comes to women and relationships. It helped me become more comfortable with exploring a more intimate relation with the opposite sex.
These were too numerous to do justice here.
My body experienced these 'truths', so they were real, for me
Once I had experienced these truths, my only path was to reclaim my masculinity and authority, accept what has happenned, and move forward, in love. Which I have done, and continue to do. (there's layers!)
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