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About Baba Fatise

BABA FATISE (aka SHANTAM NITYAMA) has a life time of dedication to understanding the spiritual anatomy of a human being. Over the last 40 years his guidance has facilitated powerful transformations in the lives of the thousands of men and women he has worked with.

Starting as a disciple of Osho, Nityama had explored numerous healing modalities, before he pioneered his own revolutionary form of bodywork called NITVANA bodyworkTM. That hands-on energy-based style of bodywork designed to take men and women on a journey from sex to superconsciousness, while healing at the deepest levels. It uses universal life force energy (sexual energy) and conscious language to remove obstructions to one's natural flow of energy through the channels of the body. The removal of these obstructions is essential for men and women to return to their true masculinity and femininity as a body-felt experience.

After receiving an initiation as the priest of IFA, a long-lasting spiritual tradition, Shantam Nityama focus in his work on the spiritual support and guidance for man and women. Touching the science of conscious language, he currently offers his unique energy-based distant treatment to open energy channels and pathways that have been obstructed. As the whole world has been noticing during that year, we are living in a time of turbulence, uncertainty, and threats. Nityama has the capacity to efficiently and effectively cut through to the deepest issues and provide clarity to navigate through one's inner world, so we will learn to deal with the outer world.