Baba Fatise
(aka Shantam Nityama)
Spiritual guidance and energy healing
Baba Fatise (aka Shantam Nityama) has a lifetime of dedication to understanding the spiritual anatomy of a human being. Through his own inner process and through assisting thousands of men and women around the planet, he has the capacity to efficiently and effectively cut through to the deepest issues and provide useful solutions to navigate through one's inner world.

A true master of our times, with remarkable insight, endless compassion, and unflinching honesty, Baba Fatise is able to reflect and guide people to their deepest transformations and greatest self realizations, whilst gently holding them true to their personal life path..
About Baba Fatise
Game-changing consultation with Baba. Suited for women, who are looking for spiritual guidance on how to access their hidden gifts, how to connect with the deepest level of sexuality, and make the most of their life.
Individually tailored consultation with Baba. Helps to navigate man through the area of self-exploration, relationships, parenting, etc. Includes recommendation of studying materials, exercises etc.
For women only. This session for women includes consultation in conjunction with distal energy work that opens the multi-dimensional facilities within a woman.
Energy work
Baba Fatise services
With 40 years of experience, Baba Fatise offers his services to men and women to facilitate the powerful transformations in their lives. Currently he offers consultation for men and women and distant energy work for women only.
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My experience with Baba's work has been a journey of self discovery. He holds a powerful space that allows the body, mind and spirit to do what it does, which is to restore balance, harmony and rhythm within itself. He does it in the most blissful of ways. It must be experienced to be known...
With Babas presence and guidance I am able to go deep within my feeling world into places I didn't know exist.
I discover how delicate my true, pristine nature is and yet what profound strength arising from my inner source.
I am in awe and feel very blessed to have Baba on my side!
After our session, I realized I had been living a conformist life to get what I want from women. Rather, just trying to become a better man for the sake of the type of woman that I wanted. Now my purpose is to just become a better man for the sake of God, and let more of my truth shine!
The session with Baba was gentle, he created a safe and secure place for me to feel deeper into myself. I was able to let go of old traumas in a way, that I could not even imagine, how easy and simple it could be.
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